Lactation Consultation

Burlington/Mebane Pediatrics offers In-office lactation consultations by our lactation counselor.  Our goal is to work with families to create an individual feeding plan that works for you and your family.

Congratulations on your breastfeeding journey!  Breastfeeding will give your infant the best possible start to life.  We understand breastfeeding is not always easy.  Breast milk is key for the optimal health and development of infants and children. Breast milk can protect your infant against a wide variety of infections and diseases.  We will be here to help you reach your personal lactation goals and lactation support.

Please call our office for a lactation consultation appointment so we can help you with your breastfeeding experience.  We wish you much success!


Lactation Consultations allow us to address breastfeeding issues including:

New Parents

Milk supply

Difficulty latching

Breast Pain


Feeding schedules


Helpful Breastfeeding Links