Burlington and Mebane Pediatrics is now participating with NC HealthConnex, previously known as the NC Health Information Exchange (NCHIE), as required by law (NCGS ยง 90-414.4).  NC HealthConnex is a secure, electronic network that allows participating medical providers to share your health information with one another. This enables participating physicians, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and other health care providers to have access to important medical information about you that can assist them in making critical medical decisions for you. Your patient record in NC HealthConnex will include your demographic data, medications, allergies, laboratory results, and other information gathered during your encounters from your health care provider. It will not include any information that federal law prohibits sharing without your express authorization, like psychotherapy notes and substance abuse treatment records.

What does it mean to be a part of the NC HealthConnex network?

As a patient, it means having peace of mind in visiting a new health care providers office. If your information has been uploaded to NC HealthConnex, your new provider will be able to access your health history.  Participating in the NC HealthConnex is even more important if you visit an emergency department at a participating hospital and you are unable to provide critical information about your current health status to hospital staff, including your diagnoses, medications, and allergies.

Who Can See My Record? 

Only participating health care providers and other HIPAA covered entities that have signed contracts with the NCHIE Authority will be able to access your medical information through the NC HealthConnex. Your NC HealthConnex data may also be provided to third parties who have entered into contracts with the NC HIEA for limited purposes (i.e. the NC Department of Public Health for immunizations). These contracts ensure that all relevant privacy statutes and regulations are followed in how your health information is viewed, used, and shared. The NC HIEA also has the power to audit the use of patient information by each participating practice and each third party to ensure the law is being followed.

Right to Opt Out of NC HealthConnex 

Although our office is required by law to send patient information to NC HealthConnex, you have the right to opt out of having your information shared between providers through NC HealthConnex after it is received. If you choose to opt out, please fill out the form at the link below and mail it to the NC HIEA. However, your information may also be shared as required or permitted by law, for instance, for public health and communicable disease purposes

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