We still have plenty of slots left at our Mebane Flu Clinic on Saturday, 10-16-21. We have our other flu clinic dates for October listed below.

10-6-21 Webb-afternoon

10-11-21 Webb-morning

10-13-21 Webb-afternoon

10-14-21 Webb-morning

10-16-21 Mebane Saturday Clinic-morning

10-17-21-West Sunday-afternoon


10-24-21-West Sunday-afternoon


10-31-21-West Sunday-afternoon

We will also have a limited amount of slots each day at one of our locations from 9-9:40. This will rotate locations. We will continue posting additional clinics as we schedule them. As of now, we do not have any other availability to give flu vaccines outside of these times. We are also giving flu vaccines at any non-acute scheduled appointments.