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Visit Information

Scheduling Your Visit

We offer convenient Online Appointment Requests for non-urgent visits, such as Well-child exams, Physicals, and ADHD Management visits. Please access the link for more information or to submit a request. For same-day sick visits, directly contact the office where you would like for your child to be seen. For evening or weekend urgent care appointments, contact our Webb Avenue location at 336-228-8316.

Preparing for Your Visit

We strive to make each visit a successful one. For us, this means promptly seeing your child and addressing the goals of your visit. We appreciate your help in the following ways:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time
  • Bring a valid driver’s license, insurance form, and method of payment (cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Amex)
  • If someone other than a parent or legal guardian is bringing a child, we must receive the parent’s permission prior to the visit
  • If you are a legal guardian, please bring the appropriate legal documents for verification

Insurance Plans

Update 3/1/2021-  Medicaid is Changing and most Medicaid and NC Health Choice patients will need to enroll in a health plan (PHP) and with a primary care provider (PCP) between 3/15/2021 to 5/14/2021.  Burlington and Mebane Pediatrics will be participating with two of the six PHP options: Wellcare of North Carolina and Carolina Complete Health.  To continue care at our offices, patients will need to be signed up with one of these two plans.

Medicaid and Health Choice Patients Need to do the following by 5/14/2021: 

1) Contact NC Medicaid by
— CALLING 833-870-5500 or
— Complete the Enrollment Packet that is sent to you by NC Medicaid and mail it back
2) Select a Health Plan. Our practice will ACCEPT either of these two plans:
3) Choose our Practice, by selecting:


Burlington Pediatrics participates in the insurance plans listed below. Insurance policies vary widely in their coverage of office visits, physicals, laboratory tests, and procedures, so please review the details of your policy (e.g. copay, deductible) prior to your visit. If your insurance is not listed, patients may request that we evaluate their plan to determine whether the practice would consider becoming participating providers in their insurance network, if eligible.

Blue Cross/ Blue Shield* (Not HealthyBlue Medicaid)
Bright Health
NC HealthChoice (Only Wellcare or Carolina Complete Health PHPs)
NC Medicaid**  (Only Wellcare or Carolina Complete Health PHPs)
United Healthcare (Not UHC Community Medicaid)

*We do not accept any Duke Health plans or Wake Med Health plans unless the policy specifically states they are also THN-Cone Health. In addition, we do not accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Local or Cigna NC HMO Connect for Raleigh/Durham area. Burlington Pediatrics does not accept EPO or HMO plans.

**Newborn Medicaid patients are assigned from Alamance Regional Medical Center nursery. We also accept self-pay patients. If you are uninsured and would like information about Medicaid, Healthchoice, or private insurance options, our billing office staff are available to help. Our practice provides equal access to providers and services for all patients accepted into the practice, regardless of insurance status.

Expectant Parents

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! We look forward to sharing each memorable milestone with you and your child. Please contact one of our offices if you are interested in scheduling a complimentary prenatal consultation. During your visit, you will tour our office and meet with the Provider of your choice. Choosing a Provider for your baby is an important decision! If you would like help selecting a Provider, our staff is pleased to assist you. We recommend reviewing the detailed biographies for each of our Providers to aid your decision. During your prenatal visit, you will also be given helpful information on what’s in store for the first year, including scheduled visits and vaccine information.

The newborn follow-up appointment is an important visit to ensure you and your baby are off to a great start. During this visit, we thoroughly examine your baby, measure weight and length, address feeding issues, and discuss infant safety topics. In general, we like to see your baby within 48 hours after leaving the hospital.

If you deliver your baby at Alamance Regional Medical Center, our physicians will see your baby soon after birth, while you are in the hospital. Penny Hilderbran, R.N., is our dedicated nurse on-site at the hospital. She will meet with you to discuss newborn care and help you schedule your follow-up appointment before you leave the hospital.

If you deliver your baby at Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, Durham Regional Hospital, or UNC Hospital, the hospital physicians at those locations will oversee your baby’s care during your stay. Once you are ready to leave, contact our office to schedule your follow-up appointment. We look forward to meeting your baby!

New Patients

Welcome to our practice! In order for us to become better acquainted with your child, we ask that you provide us with your child’s medical records, including immunization history, prior to your first visit. If you have not already chosen a provider for your child, feel free to contact our office for help or visit the Provider tab to review their biographies. You can use our Medical Information Release to request information from your previous provider. Also, please be sure to review our practice-wide vaccine policy. For your convenience, New Patient forms are available online for you to complete and bring with you to your visit. These include:

Burlington Pediatrics/Mebane Pediatrics Information Sheet
Pediatric History Form
Policy Information Sheet
Vaccine Policy
Burlington Pediatrics Is Your Medical Home Brochure

Well-child Exams and Immunization Schedules

Well-child exams are a vital part of your child’s health maintenance. During these visits, we address growth and diet in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. We also discuss safety topics and perform developmental, as well as hearing and vision screens. We also address parents’ specific concerns that may not be brought up during a sick visit. Up until the age of 5, we have frequently scheduled visits to ensure that your child is growing and developing appropriately. The chart below outlines the standard well-child visit schedule, as well as vaccines and screens performed at each visit. For school-age children, we recommend physicals annually.


Newborn Follow-up Hepatitis B (if not given at the hospital)
1 month
2 months Prevnar, Pediarix, HiB, Rotateq
4 months Prevnar, Pediarix, HiB, Rotateq
6 months Prevnar, Pediarix, HiB, Rotateq PEDS developmental screen
9 months ASQ-SE developmental screen
12 months Prevnar, MMR, Varicella Hematocrit (test for Anemia)
Lead (if applicable)
PEDS developmental screen
15 months DTaP, Hepatitis A, HiB ASQ-SE developmental screen
18 months M-CHAT developmental screen
PEDS developmental screen
24 months Hepatitis A Body Mass Index
Blood Pressure
M-CHAT developmental screen
PEDS developmental screen
3 years Urinalysis
Vision screen
Body Mass Index
Blood Pressure
PEDS developmental screen
4 years Kinrix, MMR, Varicella Hematocrit (test for Anemia)
Vision and Hearing screen
Body Mass Index
Blood Pressure
PEDS developmental screen
5 years Vision and Hearing screen
Body Mass Index
Blood Pressure
PEDS developmental screen
6 years- 18 years, annually 11 years: TdaP
11 years and older: Menveo, Gardasil
16 years and older: Menveo booster
Any catch-up vaccines needed
Adolescent Survey and Depression Screen
Body Mass Index
Blood Pressure


Vaccine Names and Abbreviations:
Click on each vaccine to view the Centers for Disease Control’s Vaccine Information Statement
DTaP Diphtheria, Tetanus, acellular Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
Hepatitis A Hepatitis A Vaccine
Hepatitis B Hepatitis B Vaccine
HiB Hemophilus influenzae, type B Vaccine
Gardasil Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
IPV Inactivated Polio Vaccine
Kinrix Combination Vaccine with DTaP and IPV
Menveo Meningococcal Vaccine
MMR Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine
Pediarix Combination Vaccine with DTaP, Hepatitis B, IPV
Prevnar Pneumococcal Vaccine
Rotateq Oral Rotavirus Vaccine
TdaP Tetanus, Diphtheria, acellular Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
Varicella Varicella (Chickenpox) Vaccine

Your child’s school or daycare may require a physician to complete a Physical form. If your child needs essential medications to be administered during the school day, he/she will also need a Medication Authorization form. Please bring any relevant forms to your visit:

Daycare Physical Form
Kindergarten Assessment Form- English
Kindergarten Assessment Form- Spanish
Alamance-Burlington School System Medication Authorization Form
Guilford County Schools Medication Authorization Form
Orange County Schools Medication Authorization Form

Sports, Camp, College Physicals

Older children and teenagers often require a physician to complete a Physical form in order to participate in sports, camp, or enter college. Please bring all necessary forms with you to your visit. We will complete the form and offer you an update copy of your child’s immunization record. If your child has had a Well-child exam or Physical within the past year, we can complete the forms based on the previous visit. The following form is commonly used for High School sports:

NC High School Athletic Association Sports Physical

ADHD Management

We offer ADHD evaluation and management for your child. Some students are evaluated initially by their school or psychologist through psycho-educational testing. If you have these results available, please provide us with a copy at least 1 week prior to your visit. If you are concerned about ADHD features in your child, you may find the Vanderbilt Parent Assessment and Vanderbilt Teacher Assessment forms helpful. Given the nature of ADHD, we usually do not make this diagnosis in a child younger than school-age.

pediatric nurse with young child